Why do I have to cancel my Hopsy Subscription account via email or chat?

Our goal at Hopsy is exceptional customer service.  So why do we ask you to contact us to cancel your account? While it might seem inconvenient, there are two important reasons why we process account cancellations via chat and email.

  1. We want to handle your request promptly and provide confirmation that the process is complete. A conversation with an agent ensures that we get the information we need to complete your request on the spot.
  2. We are a relatively new and fast growing company and are passionate about improving every aspect of the customer experience. Collecting feedback from customers, especially when it comes to things we could be doing better, is invaluable to us.

Please do not assume your account is canceled until you have corresponded with an agent and received email verification of your cancellation. This is to protect both parties and serves as confirmation that we received and processed your cancellation request.


How can I cancel my Hopsy Subscription order?

If you don’t wish to receive your monthly shipment, contact us at help@hopsy.beer to request to skip a month. Just be sure to do so 48 hours before your monthly processing date. Setting a calendar reminder a few days before is a great way to keep track of your membership.

If your order is already on its way to you, please contact us via help@hopsy.beer or chat, and we’ll do our best to find a solution.

If you think you might need to cancel your account, we want to first offer some solutions to common issues:

The membership doesn't quite fit my budget right now.

Beer should be fun not stressful, which is why we offer the ability to skip monthly shipments at anytime you don’t wish to receive a monthly order. The Club is the most cost effective way to use your SUB:

  • Shipping is only $1 on your monthly box (and for any additional mini-kegs in the monthly shipment)
  • Mini-kegs priced at $14.99 for your monthly shipment
  • Ability to change your shipping frequency (every 2, 4, 6 weeks) at any time
  • Ability to swap out your mini-kegs for each order - you can try different beers or choose a cider, kombucha, or cold brew

Being available to sign for a shipment is difficult for me.

We understand the challenges of being available for a shipment. Here are some alternative options for shipment destinations:

  • Your place of work - with our eco-friendly packaging, you can more easily carry your beer boxes home from work.
  • A friend or neighbor can either sign or receive the packages. Contact us to change your address.
  • Apartment management office - if you live in an apartment, the management company may be willing to accept your monthly beer box.

I haven’t really been enjoying the beers I’ve received.

We are committed to bringing you great beers which is why we partner with breweries who have the same values as us: the desire to bring customers fresh, delicious beer. We have a Satisfaction Guarantee policy. Let us know when you don’t like a beer, so we can make sure to tailor your preferences in our system. Have you taken our Taste Profile Quiz?

If your upcoming shipment contains a beer you don’t prefer, reach out right away and we can swap it out for your preferred brew. If you don’t like a particular beer that you’ve received, please let us know. We love getting to make personal recommendations - reach out to our beer experts at help@hopsy.beer!

I can’t keep up with all the beer I’m sent every month.

You can skip a monthly shipment anytime at no charge just by emailing us at help@hopsy.beer or reaching out on chat. You can also switch to subscription frequencies of 2, 4, or every 6 weeks for a beer box - giving you the flexibility to match shipments to your beer needs.

I only wanted a one-time order.

Please contact us to cancel your account. Certain promotions are subject to a membership commitment as described in our Terms & Conditions.

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